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The Committee

Aberdeen City

Dr Mishaim Bhana elected member

Dr Carol Buchanan elected member

Dr David Cooper elected member

Dr Samantha Fenwick elected member

Dr Ewan Paterson elected member

Dr Peter Watson elected member

Dr Caroline Howarth H&SCP representative

Dr Brett Finlayson CQL representative


Dr Linda Downie elected member

Dr Dale Fenwick elected member

Dr Laura Muirhead elected member

Dr Stuart Reary elected member

Dr Michael Steven elected member

Dr Cathy Welch elected member


Dr Malcolm Simmons elected member

Dr Nicola Tennant elected member

Dr Robert Lockhart H&SCP representative 

Out of Hours

Dr Amy Farrell elected member

Dr Rudolph D'Costa GMED representative

GP in Training

Dr Sophie Gerring trainee representative

Dr Grant Rutledge trainee representative

Dr Malcolm Sutherland trainee representative

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